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Using dry ice blasting for decontamination

Using dry ice blasting for decontamination

While several blast cleaning techniques can be used to decontaminate surfaces, dry ice is often the most effective. It allows for localized removal of embedded mold and fungus, especially from wood.


Features include:

  • Gentle abrasive that will not harm surfaces
  • Instant freezing with dry ice blasting. The cold crystalizes the surface, making it easier to remove contaminants
  • Dry ice blasting doesn’t project any dust or water

This technique is very safe, even in close proximity to electrical wiring. Companies specializing in air quality testing are able to test air before and after our work to confirm the complete removal of mold. Dry ice blasting is the technique of choice in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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Our blast cleaning and pressure washing professionals are trained to work in the presence of asbestos and lead. They can also work in tandem with companies specializing in post-disaster cleaning to ensure complete decontamination.

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